A book about learning OpenMP.


The OpenMP Common Core

by Timothy G. Mattson, Yun (Helen) He, and Alice E. Koniges

20+ years of teaching OpenMP combined with an active, programming-driven learning style equals this book. We focus on what we call the “Common Core” of OpenMP: the 21 OpenMP elements used in most OpenMP programs. For many OpenMP programmers, the Common Core is all they ever use.

This is not a book about OpenMP. This is a book for learning OpenMP. We take people with no experience in multithreading and turn them into capable parallel programmers. Once the common core is mastered, you can move into the more advanced corners of OpenMP with the book OpenMP: The Next Step.

Code samples

We have created a github repository with code you can use as you work though our book. To create a copy of this repository, use the following command:

       git clone https://github.com/tgmattso/OmpCommonCore.git

In addition to exercises and all the code that appears inside the book, this repository also includes a set of “challenge problems” that you can use to gain more experience with OpenMP.

Using Fortran?

For Fortran programmers, we’ve created a companion document, Fortran Supplement (ver. 1.1), which presents all the code from the Common Core book in Fortran instead of C. We hope this will let Fortran programmers extract maximum value from the book.

Available now from MIT Press.